20+ Little Things That’ll Make You Skip A Beat If You Have Anxiety Issues

Having Anxiety Can Be Quite Troublesome.

Even little things can cause huge anxiety. Yes, even the little things that don’t make many people bat an eye can make you sweat bullets. So we compiled a list of 21 things that will probably make your heart rise. You might want a heart monitor close to you for this.

#1 Having Your Eyes Glued To The Screen Waiting For ‘Approved’ To Show Up, Even-Though You Know Your Account Has Enough Money.

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#2 When You Turn The Light Off And Run To Your Bed, So The Ghosts Don’t Catch You.

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#3 When You Are Home Alone And The Door Bell Rings When You Are Not Expecting Anyone.

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#4 When You See A Call From An Unknown Number.

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#5 When Your Windscreen Wipers Going Faster Than Everyone While You Are Driving In The Rain.

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#6 When You Get Stuck Driving Right Next To A Huge Truck, And The Wait Lasts More Than 10 Seconds.

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#7 When Someone Is About To Ask You Something But Then Says ‘Actually Don’t Worry’.

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#8 When Your Go To Response Is To Nervously Laugh Since You Couldn’t Understand What The Other Person Just Said.


#9 When You Order For Someone Picky And Wait To See If The Place Got The Order Right Or Not.

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#10 When Someone Checks The Lock Of A Public Bathroom To Check If Someone Is Inside.

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