Littlefinger Is Finally Dead And Twitter Is Incredibly Satisfied

Yes, It Finally Happened.

Spoiler Alert: This post includes major spoilers for Season 7 finale. 

I know we were all tired of seeing Littlefinger scheme and betray everyone. I’m sure we were all waiting for the day he meet his demise. Good news, that fated day is finally here.

If you watched the Season 7 finale, you know that Littlefinger got exactly what he deserved. The cherry on top of it all is that he was done in by the Stark sisters. Nice to see they didn’t fall for his schemes.


Twitter Users Are Understandably Ecstatic Over His Satisfying Death.


I’m Not Sure People Have Ever Been This Satisfied Over Someone’s Death Except Maybe Joffrey.


He Got What Was Coming To Him.

Gruesome Deaths Have Never Been This Satisfying.

No, He Will Not Be Missed.

Yup, We’re All Laughing Our Asses Off.


He Regrets Ever Trying To Break Up Arya And Sansa.

I Don’t Think He’s Getting A Grave.


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