Lion King Director Clears Up Rumour About Scar & Mufasa Not Being Brothers

I Think We’ve All Bought In The Rumour That Mufasa And The Scar Were Not Actually Brothers.

I don’t blame you either if you thought that they were not actually brothers. You see this actually started when Rob Minkoff and Don Hahn, the director and producer of the 1994 animated film, said that Mufasa and The Scar most likely might not have the same parents.

However, soon after Rob Minkoff did an interview with screen junkies where he cleared up the fact, that they are actually brothers.


We got into trouble. In fact, it got printed recently that we said that Scar and Mufasa were not brothers, but they are. I just want to clear that up, just in case that hit your radar.

-Rob Minkoff

He Later Explained The Situation Further.

While it is extremely rare for two adult male lions to remain in the same pride. Mufasa and Scar really are brothers. The reason for this exception I am not sure about. Minkoff also added that Scar probably got his nickname and his iconic scar fro Mufasa when they were baby cubs.


Glad That’s Cleared Up. What About Simba And Nala Being Each Other Love Interests?

I mean i am quite sure they are probably cousins. Are we sure this is a children’s safe movie? Seems too similar to Game Of Thrones.


You can watch the whole episode as follows.

What do you think of the new theory? Are Simba and Nala really cousins or is it just a stupid theory? Comment on below.

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