This Woman draws a fine line between rape and consent with her ingenious analogy

Relationships are beautiful and they are nourished with respect and care. The natural phenomenon of love between the opposite sexes can result in beautiful relationship if it springs out of love and respect. While many of us can thankfully understand the difference between love and a malicious lust, unfortunately there are some inconsiderate souls out there who do not.

There is a fine line between rape and consent. And for those who fail to understand this difference a courageous woman Nafisa have recently come up with a perfect series of Tweets using an ingenious analogy to describe the difference.

Nafisa has done it well by using the example of purse and money.“I don’t get how rape is so hard to understand for some men,” she asks in her first Tweet following by her perfect analogy to explain the difference to those who don’t yet understand.

Nafisa’ tweets got a tremendous appreciation from men on Twitter and she acknowledged this overwhelming support from all with her Tweet,“Thank you to the men who interacted w/ this thread. It’s sad but sometimes they need to hear it from another man.”




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