10+ Times You Related Hard With Linda From ‘Bob’s Burgers’

Everyone has a little Linda in themselves.

While no one can ever be as fierce as Linda, every one of us has these moments where we can relate to her actions. I mean, how many times have you started dancing in a party not caring what others thought of your ‘moves’?

Don’t lie to me now. So why not commemorate all those times accompanied by Linda herself! She indeed has some great life advice. Trust me…

#1 When you try to convince everyone you’re not drunk.

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#2 When your group of friends gets together.

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#3 Sometimes you need to remind yourself of your own awesomeness.

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#4 When your jam comes on.

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#5 Sometimes you gotta tell your friends how much you love them.

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#6 When you are the life of the party.

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#7 You love the finer things in life.

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#8 Nothing can stop you from having fun.

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#9 When you try to make small talk.

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#10 You always have the best life advice.

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#11 You’ve also got your priorities straight.

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#12 You are always in control.

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#13 You are not afraid to show a little skin.

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#14 Your perfect date night is Netflix and chill with a horde of junk food.

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