10+ Comics That Depict The Life Of An Average Cat Family

  • By Asad Tipu
  • September 14, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

How do you go about your day?

If you have a spouse and some kids, you know that most of your life revolves around making sure that the children are looked after, and that they don’t do anything they’re not supposed to do. Whether it’s messing with each other, or the neighbours kids. But if you happen to be relatively active in the life of a family-head, and also happen to really like cats, then these comics are just for you.

From the website known as LitterBoxComics,¬†they bring you the struggles and the pain of what life is like as a mother, a father, and the antics children are up to. But there’s a twist to it all. Instead of typical art styles where the mother is often depicted as tired and restless, and the father is hectic and all over the place, where the only people really enjoying their time on Earth are the children that are causing havoc wherever they go, instead of all that, everyone is instead cats.

Source: LitterBoxComics

#1 When Daddy forgets the ice cream.

#2 The mature way to deal with chopsticks.

#3 Getting the house clean just in time.

#4 The child that grew up to be Einstein.

#5 Favourite nuggets!

#6 Lasagna that looks yucky.

#7 Magical land of statistics.

#8 Grisly labor stories.

#9 Lellow Manana

#10 Comes up with the sweetest things.

#11 Daniel Tiger doesn’t wear pants.

#12 Rose bush poops.

#13 Shopping cart

#14 Intense babycam footage.

#15 Eat candy and play superheroes.

#16 Correct toilet paper hangs.

#17 Washing your hands.

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