These Hilarious Comics Accurately Depict How Our Life Changed As Kid Vs Adult

Well, here’s your depressing start of the day as an adult. After growing up, there are a lot of things we want to do. But can’t because adults don’t have the gate passes to do a lot of things we could do as kids. Nonetheless, neither of us can ever ignore relating to a situation of when we used to be kids.

These hilarious comics accurately depict how our life changed as kids vs. adults:

1. As an adult, you can’t enjoy everything given for eating.

2. The wildest dream of every adult!

3. And now we don’t even have a few minutes to spare for our parents.

4. Life has changed, and so have our activities.

5. Perhaps, this should be called flirting.

6. Perspectives change.

7. It just isn’t as alluring anymore.

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