Cat Writes An Open Letter For All Cat Owners About What They Want That You Need To Read Right Meow

A Cat Has Learned English To Educate Humans.

No, I am not kidding at all. We haven’t made any progress in deciphering the cat language. Rather than focusing on all the other worldly things, we should have been focusing on this essential dilemma.

Alas, Cats were too tired of us not understanding them, so one special cat learned English. That cat is also on a mission to tell us what all cats desire. Read on below and prepare to have your mind blown.

Some of these might be hard to swallow, but we should persevere and try to serve our companions as perfectly as we can.

So Begins The Letter That Will Change Our Perception Of Cats Forever.

#1 Purge The Litter-Box.

Carpet Is Your Cat’s Friend.

And, I Mean A Best Friend!

#2 Only Feed Your Cat Wet Food.

Honey-Seared Salmon For The Win!

#3 Your Cat Might Act Like She Likes Him.

However, She Doesn’t.

The Dog Just Has To Accept That.

#4 Never Hide Fish From Your Cat.

Or She Might Kill The Alive Ones.

#5 Your Cat Will Want To Knead Your Face Like Pizza Dough Every Day.

#6 Your Cat Will Essentially Do What She Wants.

#7 Her Presents Are More Unique Than Everyone Else’s.

I Don’t Know Whether To Say Thank You Or Run Away.

#8 Do I Need To Say Any More?

#9 If You Pet In Any Other Places, I Will Hurt You.

#10 Your Cat Will Declare War On Each And Every Houseplant You Own.

#11 Your Cat Like’s Human Food, So Give It To Her When She Wants It.

Even If I Get Sick Later.

#12 Your Cat Will Exercise At The Most Importunate Time For You.

She Won’t Care If You Need Sleep.

#13 Your Cat Will Also Use Your Face As A Comfy Bed.

So Sit Still.

Some Last Words From Your Cat.

Who still wants a cat?


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