25+ Totally Legitimate Things Every Introvert Has Been Guilty Of

Being An Introvert Is Awesome In Its Own Way.

Whether you are an extrovert, an introvert or even an Ambivert. (Yes. that is a thing.) Everyone has some things they are guilty of. Today, however, we will be looking at things that only introverts are guilty of. So sit back and relax.

#1 Pretending That You Have Plans For Tonight Even Though You Don’t.

Via Miramax

#2 Canceling Plans Because You Have Something Much Better To Do. Mainly Play Games.

Via Twitter

#3 When You Are Non-Stop Praying That The Other Person Cancels The Plan.


#4 Going To A Party And Actually Enjoying Yourself But Leaving Early Anyway And Being Fine With It.

Via Jen Lewis

#5 Instagramming Yourself Watching Netflix While Other People Instagram Their Night’s out.

Via Spencer Althouse

#6 Ignoring Texts From People You Actually Like For No Good Reason Except You Are Really Lazy.

Via Zoe Burnett

#7 Trying To Be A Nice Person While Simultaneously Not Wanting To Talk To Anyone.

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#8 Coming Up With Witty Remarks But Never Being Able To Say Them In Real life.

Via Flo Perry

#9 Never Wanting To Meet New people But Trying To Be Nice Anyway.

Via Dami Lee

#10 Making A Call But Hoping The Other Party Does Not Pick Up The Phone.

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