This Egg Proves Why You Should Never Leave Your Dog In Your Car

When people are in a rush, they often leave things in the car.

Such as their wallets, phones, and if they’re forgetful, their car keys. However, if they are irresponsible, they also tend to forget their kids and pets in the car. I mean, it’s only for a couple of minutes, what difference does it make, right?

Wrong, actually.

Pigswithstripes, an Imgur user, posted a series of images as a warning against leaving your pets or babies behind. Oh, but what’s the real harm, right? It’ll only take a few minutes, half an hour at most. And even if it’s hot, it’s not like they can actually get hurt.

On average, about 40 kids die by overheating in a car, and countless undocumented cases of animals being left behind to suffer. Dogs have it bad since they can only sweat through their tongue and their paws.

And just in case you still think it’s somewhat of a good idea, here’s the image list I promised.

Crack the window down a few centimetres so they can get some fresh air.

Wonder how hot it got after 15 minutes? Oh? 45-degree Celsius? That’s about 113 Fahrenheit for our American readers.

Mhmm! Sizzling just great! Really should have oiled up the pan first, but who oils their pets before they leave them to cook?

Breakfast is coming along quite nicely!

Edible and thoroughly cooked, this is what you’re putting your children and pets through.

People have defended their forgetfulness, but ignorance is not an excuse when lives are at stake.

MC Morgan

These animals suffer and hurt because of our negligence, and it’s time to stop.

They are desperate to survive, and they are being cooked alive inside that makeshift oven.


Have a heart. Spread this PSA around. Don’t let more animals die.


Credits to the image set.

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