10+ ‘Least Favorite Children’ In The House Shared Their Struggles And We All Can Relate

  • By Asad Tipu
  • December 2, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

There are certain expectations of parents.

You’re bringing a new, helpless life into the world, or are risking one. The child that’ll be born didn’t make any decision to bring about its existence, you did. Therefore, it is your responsibility to feed them, raise them, educate them, and teach them right from wrong.

Above all, it’s your responsibility to make sure they can do it themselves.

It’s heartbreaking when parents neglect their duties or let them suffer. So seeing Reddit threads like these make me sad, but it’s important that everyone knows their story.

Source: Reddit

#1 Brother.

#2 Fatherly love.

#3 Low self-esteem.

#4 Overcompensation.

#5 Sister was the favourite.

#6 Middle child.

#7 Names and introduction.

#8 Favourable.

#9 Abusive mother.

#10 Perfectionism.

#11 Step mother.

#12 Born after WW2

#13 Black sheep.

#14 I bet his grandma was proud.

#15 Drummer dreams.

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