10+ Lazy AF People Who Nailed The Christmas Decorations In The Most Hilarious Ways

Work smarter, not harder.

Yes, I know Christmas only comes once in a year. But who has the time to spend all those days decorating their house to look halfway decent? And it is always better to try something unique. So that is exactly what these people did.

Their house might not be the most decorated or littered with light. But they sure do stand out from all the other houses on the street. Or maybe it is just because they were lazy. Semantics, I say.

#1 This is quite creative and funny actually!

Via frizzzzle

#2 Looks pretty legit.

Via rjschirmer

#3 So the third house should do Ditto Too!

Via imgur

#4 More scary than anything though.

Via greentintedlenses

#5 These people know the true meaning.

Via jigitz

#6 Saving time I see.

#7 Bambi 2.

#8 Well, it is green, and it has lights.

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#9 Ho Ho Ho?

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#10 The nightmare before Christmas.

Via mjj04e

#11 Seems like a cool idea.

#12 Ah, the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Via MaxRumpus

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