Lawyer Posts The Most Hilarious Legal Tips On Facebook That Will Leave You In Splits

Need some legal advice? Say no more.

Imagine, you’ve just been caught for committing a crime. Now, what do you do? Other than the fact that you need to sit down and think of what you’ve done. You’re going to need some legal advice. And just in case you’re too broke to call a lawyer we’d recommend checking out L. Scott Briscoe’s Facebook page. Scott is a lawyer from West Virginia. He’s been practising law for over nineteen years now. He’s shared all the tips he’s picked up over the years on his Facebook page, and they cover everything from how to safely shoplift an automobile headlight to how to select a pickpocket victim. In case it doesn’t help you escape, at least you’ll have something to laugh about in prison.

Via L. Scott Briscoe’s Free Legal Tips

1. Keep your headlights above the waist.

2. Selecting a pickpocket victim.


3. Wearing your fluffy grey bathrobe to the courthouse is not acceptable.

4. Sporting nothing but a towel will probably not win you your appeal.

5. “Guarding Lightening”.

6. Try to select a wrapping material that will neither leak nor burst.

7. “F**K THE POLICE” will not endear you to your arresting officer.

8. At least give the judge time to have lunch first.


9. Posters of encouragement are not welcomed.


10. Go with an opaque container.


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