Woman Texts Boss That She’s Late For Work Because Her Dog Is Looking Cute & The Boss Had A Bossy Response

Finding a good boss to work for is a dream that many people have.

Your job and the work that you do is often made to make or break depending on your coworkers and your boss. Well, see, Jenn happens to work for a very caring and very loving boss. He holds punctuality above all else, and is irked whenever someone is even a few minutes late. But with that said, Jenn has never been late. In fact, in the eight years she worked for him, she’s never missed a day except when her son was getting his wisdom tooth removed.

So understandably, when Jenn called in to say she’d be late, the boss was more than forgiving. Even if the reason why she was late was… Because her dog fell asleep in a cute position and she was taking pictures.

Imagine saying that to your boss. That won’t go down well at all. But Jenn’s boss did way more than that. Find out yourself!

Source: Imgur 

Yep, dog is definitely in a cute position.

The boss responded with this:

And he explained why he did what he did.

Jen was the mom of the group!

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