Doctor Explains Why Late Abortions Should Be Legal And It Makes A Lot Of Sense

Abortion is a sensitive topic.

With pro-life and pro-choice being the two options, people are divided due to their opinions. At first, abortion was legal only before 24 weeks. However, when New York State passed a bill permitting late-term abortions, discussions regarding the topic resurfaced again.

The law focused on the fact that this medical procedure could be life-saving for some mothers facing critical complications. The main purpose of the bill was to save women from death or facing serious conditions, but it has been facing a lot of backlash as people think women are just going to decide to get rid of their pregnancies on a whim.

Gynecologist Jennifer Gunter has had a lot of experience with abortions over 24 weeks, and she decided to share on Twitter exactly why it should be legal:

There have always been medical issues.

There were exceptions, like rape.

Who would take care of the baby when the mother’s life is at risk?

Anything could happen after 24 weeks.

Hypertension in pregnancy can get really bad.

Some of these scenarios are heartbreaking.

People came forward to share their own stories.

None of which were on a “whim.”


Some pointed out how pro-lifers don’t really use logic.

Before you point fingers, make sure your hands are clean.


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