10+ Haunting Yet Alluring Photos Of The Largest Abandoned Hotel In Japan That You Will Fall In Love With.

The lost paradise.

Or you can say Japan’s own Hawaii.

The once breathtaking Hachijo Royal Resort on the remote volcanic Japanese island of Hachijojima is now nothing but a decaying and deserted old structure. While it was once a happy place where people would come to relax leaving behind the stresses of life, the largest hotel in Japan now portrays a somewhat frightening haunted palace from a horror movie.

It’s tragic how the owners could not keep the hotel maintained and up to the standards of living. After a while, the doors to this beautiful hotels were permanently closed in 2006. But what’s interesting is that over time different portions of the hotel have developed their ecosystems and it surprisingly still looks terrific!

Check out the mind-blowing photos down below.

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This deserted hotel on Hachijojima Island once used to be one of the biggest hotels in Japan.

The hotel’s design was initially inspired by French Baroque architecture.

The beautiful exterior has corroded over the years.

The once luxurious rooms now display torn wallpapers and soiled beds.

What it would have felt like to spend your holidays in this hotel, I can only imagine.

The vacant hotel is still full of sophisticated furniture and interesting ornaments.

Wouldn’t you have loved to enjoy a peaceful evening or two right here in this living room?

Oh, how simple yet beautiful it looks.

The once luxurious hotel is now only a pile of debris.

Even this valuable grand piano was left behind to decay.

What a view!

The former Hachijo Royal resort hotel on the remote volcanic Japanese island of Hachijojima is now nothing but a stack of scrap.

Plants are slowly covering the room at the Hachijo Royal Hotel.




Bedrooms once cleaned and polished to perfection, now lie as a crumbling heap.


Overgrown plants can be seen creeping through the floorboards.

Clocks have long stopped ticking, and the rooms are only fit for a nightmare now.

Millions of dollars worth fixtures, fittings and lavish furniture were left behind.

It’s unbelievable how each area was unique and beautiful in its own way.

A pool table with no balls or cues can be seen.

It’s unbelievable how each area was unique and beautiful in its own way.

Imagine the other interesting artifacts that could be discovered like this telephone box?

The hotel was once alive with the noise of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

The horrifying sight undoubtedly gives you goosebumps and chills down your spine.

The once luxurious and lavish hotel resort is nothing but a mass of ruins now.

All the furniture is tumbled over in the now dormant hotel.

The hotel was once a showcase for some of the grandest pieces of handicrafts.

Now it only remains shockingly abandoned and silent.

Can you picture what this room would have looked like when it was alive and full of happy holidaymakers?

The crisp and clean interior is now only seen as tarnished and ruined forest.

I would have loved just to sit here and read a book or relax and look out at the breathtaking view of the resort.

The hotel’s beauty faded away but not completely. It’s still very much prominent in these photos.


Here is the complete collection of the photos from the luxurious hotel. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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