A Korean Latte Artist Is Pushing the Limits of Coffee Creativity

Korean Latte Artist

Kangbin Lee creates incredibly detailed and exotic artworks on coffee tops.

Coffee is beautiful; the exotic color and the refreshing smell is what makes our day special. While we experience the incredible taste of our perfectly made cup of coffee, a Korean Latte Artist is creating amazing artworks on top of it, to push the limits of joy.

Let’s have a look at this incredible Latte Art!

Van Gough’s Starry Night
Korean Latte Artist

Seasonal Greetings

Lee uses his signature “Cremart” artwork on the top of coffee servings. He uses a small spoon and many pencil-like dabbers to create these amazing pieces of art. The artwork is delicate, incredibly detailed and exotic. Lee has recreated the iconic examples of art like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Edvard Munch’s The Scream and dreamy characters of Disney using his “Cremart.”

In an interview with Bored Panda, Lee explained, “I wanted to find an amazing and delicate new flavor of coffee, so I developed Cremart.”

Beauty And The Beast


A Whole New World


Each of Lee’s artistic compositions has an interesting way of using the coffee cup, saucer, and in some examples, the espresso machine’s portafilter as a frame for that art.  While playing with the coffee colors, sometimes he uses the white head of latte as a black canvas, and in certain works, he builds off the coffee’s unique brown shades.

Even his students are brilliant

Rose Bud



Check out more works by the artist on Instagram.

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