A Kitten Raised By Huskies Is Now A Cat Who Thinks She Is A Husky

Meet Rosie The Cat In This Pack Of Huskies.

There was once at a time when Rosie was a small helpless kitten in poor health conditions. Then there came Lilo, the husky, to the rescue. After some TLC from Lilo, the Husky, Rosie has now become an outdoors and adventurous cat.

She was practically raised among Huskies and has got a serious “husky” influence. She roams with her pack of huskies and loves romping in the woods. It’s a beautiful sight watching Rosie with her pack doing all sorts of cute actions.

Just look at the video below and try not to fall in love with them.

More Husky Love from their Instagram Account.

Tell me you are not impressed by this family yet.

A bonding fishing trip, I guess.

Can you spot the cat?

This Unique Family is  Getting Famous.

Rosie, once a helpless kitten, turns into a cat with her big Husky boys.

They’ve recently added a new puppy and kittens to the family, so be sure to follow lilothehusky on Instagram for the lovely family updates.

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