Kids Thought Their Grandpa Loved Banana Bread But That Couldn’t Be Far From The Truth

We all have to sacrifice something.

And this Grandpa had to sacrifice his taste buds. You see, many families have traditions. For example, the following family had a tradition to eat banana bread every week. Now, I am aware that many people love banana bread and I am not a part of those people.

It seems there are some who can relate to me and hate banana bread with a passion. Trust me, it’s not the bread part that I hate; it’s the banana part. However, The grandpa didn’t want to disappoint his grandkids, so that is how this story was born.

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Now, that is indeed a predicament, if I’ve ever seen one.

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Wow, that is certainly special treatment.

Even if I did love banana, I still wouldn’t eat a whole loaf every damn week.

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Oh, really? Why is that? *feigns ignorance*

But why would he do that? I mean, I don’t think his grandkids would have minded.

I can certainly say that he was a very caring man, to say the least.

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And maybe a big helping of milk or water.

He could’ve just straight out told them though.

Yeah, I know I would. It isn’t like banana bread is some holy grail.

That is the question that will never be answered.

Not hard at all, but maybe he was trying not to hurt their feelings?

What would you have done in his situation? Do you think you would have eaten banana bread for 16 years even though you hated it? Or would you have just told your grandkids? Comment on below and let us know.

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