This Mom Couldn’t Stop Her Kids From Screaming On A Plane And Then This Stranger Stepped In

Have you ever spent some time with kids?

If you have, then you probably know what it’s like when kids start crying for no reason and just wouldn’t stop. It’s a total nuisance. And if things get out of hand, it can be very troublesome for you and everyone around you.

Funnily enough, that is exactly the case of this mother Jessica Rudeen, who was traveling with her two children, a 4-month-old son, and a toddler daughter. Rudeen shared the whole incident of how her children started crying when they were on the plane, and she couldn’t get them to stop. It was a total nightmare. However, everything got back to normal in a snap when a stranger named Todd from Kansas who was on board, decided to help Jessica. And what followed next will totally surprise you.

Scroll down and see the whole story in sequence below!

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A while back Jessica Rudeen shared the story of how her kids got restless on a flight and started crying.

This is what Jessica originally posted on her facebook.

“I honestly thought we’d get kicked off the plane,” Rudeen said.

But Todd handled everything perfectly. He calmed her kids down.

And not only that he also managed to keep Caroline busy and entertained the entire flight! Impressive isn’t it?

“By the end of the flight, he was Caroline’s best friend,” Rudeen said.

Todd really helped Jessica out in this one. And she very grateful for it!

This is how some people responded to her story by appreciating Todd and sharing their own experiences.

We definitely need more people like Todd in the world. So did you like this story? What are your thoughts on it? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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