10+ Kids Drawings That Are So Morbid That They Are Never Going To Be Hanged On Fridge

Every parent thinks their child’s creation is adorable.

As a parent you always appreciate and encourage your kids to succeed in everything; specially when it comes to being all creative and artsy. But have you ever had that awkward moment when your little one drew something so inappropriate and freaky that it left you speechless? Well, if you haven’t experienced it yet maybe you should check out these posts and be prepared!

These 31 little artists so awesomely left their parents out of words with their artworks that they won’t be putting the drawings on the refrigerator. But instead maybe they’ll be hiding that stuff away until the kids grow up and be totally embarrassed. I’m sure you’d have a good laugh at these. Don’t forget to share your own stories and do share!

1. Buzz light-year to the rescue?

2. This kid clearly hasn’t been taking enough art classes.

3. This girl has no problem in letting the aliens take her little brother.

4. … with one eye.

5. Do not, I repeat, do not interfere in her matters!

6. She was told to describe her parents.

7. I’m not sure if he/she’s a human version of torture.

8. He wanted to scratch turntables.

9. “Draw your mommy”

10. When asked; what if dinosaurs came back.

11. Uh-oh. At least they informed that they killed the wrong person.

12. To this kid’s mom; I hope you weren’t offended. After all they’re just kids.

13. You don’t see a monkey “riding” a lion everyday.

14. I’m telling you; this kid needs to see a shrink right away.

15. Please tell me those are earrings.

16. Please beware of your kids nowadays.

17. Relax, you dirt minded people; she’s just selling her shovel. Man, can pictures can be deceiving!

18. This kid is definitely holding a grudge against the Kardashians. I’m not sure why, though.

19. Don’t forget to wash your hands after this as well.

20. The best straightforward break-up message ever.

21. God bless this kid first.

22. F is for…?

24. Cheer them on, you guys!

24. It’s not what you think. The kid’s mom was shoveling snow outside.

25. Family by the lighthouse.

26. I’m sure it’s true, kid.

27. A close-up of a conductor blowing on his whistle.

28. I want to go to the “bitch” and swim and get a suntan.

29. I’m not sure if the grandma was happy or disappointed.

30. I’ve heard of sperms swimming but the penises themselves…? Oh, that’s right! They’re dolphins. Kinda.

31. And finally this kid’s mom is mowing the lawn.

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