10+ Kids Drawings That Hilariously Expose Their Parents And Will Make You Smile

These parents should probably stop encouraging their kid’s artistic efforts.

Now, you might think that I’m mean. However, you will probably agree with me once you take a look at what these kids drew. Not to say that the illustrations below are bad. The truth in them is too much for some to handle.

No matter how hard the child would have tried, these drawings probably didn’t make it on the fridge. And that is probably for the best.

#1 The first step is to admit the problem.

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#2 The child is probably scarred for life.

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#3 This is just sad.

#4 Probably the teacher trying to save the mother from embarrassment.

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#5 Why does the mother look like Rick from Rick and Morty?

#6 This is actually kinda adorable.

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#7 So all he brings in the relationship are farts?

#8 He feeds the fish? Amazing!

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#9 And what is wrong with drinking wine?

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#10 Who doesn’t?

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