Kid Starts Swearing Abusively At His Mother So This Genius Guy Set Him Hilariously Straight

Sometimes smelly revenge is the only solution.

While I would never condone being exceptionally mean or violent towards a kid, you have to admit some kids are just plain a**holes. And while this guy was violent towards this kid (Which is never okay.)

He did teach this kid a lesson that he would probably never forget. And It’s not like he didn’t deserve it. You’ll get what I mean once you see how mean he was being towards his mother and how spoiled he was.

Rather than waiting any longer, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Source: Imgur

We start the story with a hilarious confession.

And it quickly gets quite interesting.

It really does seem like it was ‘supposed’ to happen.

Nobody likes a butt in their face.

And then it finally happened.

And it was everything that we had expected.

4 seconds is quite a long time to fart continuously.

Revenge is best served smelly.

But that is when the mother stepped in.

Why wouldn’t he fart on your son!?

Even the mother realizes that her son is an a-hole.

Sometimes lying is the only option.

People’s responses were just as hilarious as the original post.

Of course, you are…from a distance.

I am glad he uses his stomach growls for good.

That is what the kid deserved.

Well said indeed!

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