This Kid Interviewed Her Cat And It’s The Most Hilarious Thing You Will See Today

It is never easy to interview a family member.

Especially when that family member is a diva and top of that, a cat. It turns out; they have really strict boundaries as to what part of their body they like to be petted. At least Coco has that boundary.

However, one kid was brave enough to interview her house cat, and she even sort of succeeded. Although she wasn’t able to complete the interview.

Following is the interview.

I can see why Coco wouldn’t like to be petted on her butt.

Via MrPaulDuane

Not surprisingly, the tweet has gone viral with over more than 18,000 re-tweets and almost 50,000 likes. That might be because every cat owner can relate. I mean, cats are assholes, what else did you expect?

People were quite amused by it too.


I don’t see why she wouldn’t.

We want more!

Truly Iconic.

The kid’s parent relayed a little more information for us.

I am quite sure she will be!

And here we have the diva cat: Coco.

Cats really do hate for their picture to be taken.


I’d love for my interview to be taken by a cat though.

Do you have any diva cats? And can you relate to this tweet? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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