The kid filmed standing in the hail for a reason you surely can’t guess

Most of us might enjoy the rain and would love the gentle drops fall on our face. This kid, however, stood his ground in a hail storm for some really unconventional reasons.

A high school student from Illinois, @melliinaa_, was filming students rushing to get cover from the hail storm. However, one student stood his ground, and he did not seem to follow the “tradition.” He stood there just looking around being calm and at peace.

Melliinaa posted the video on Twitter and the “kid in the hail storm” became famous in no time. It became the subject matter of one of the most hilarious memes Twitter has ever seen. It’s worth mentioning that the soundtrack she added completed a good recipe for a perfect meme.

With over a 90 thousand retweets it’s a real hit, and the response is overwhelming.



Guess what? The teen idol Drake also happens to love it.

People who knew the kid jump into the conversation – More revelations.


Finally, the reason that the kid stood his ground in that formidable hail.

Well, he has contributed to a bunch of good laughs. What do you think? Share your thoughts.

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