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Kevin Hart Responded To A Young Artist Who Made His Portrait And The World Has Fallen In Love

Kevin Hart Responded To A Young Artist Who Made His Portrait And The World Has Fallen In Love

Hyperrealistic Pencil Portraits

The internet is admiring this exceptionally talented Nigerian artist named Eli Wuduba Yusuf. Eli is a gifted young man who has exceptional skills when it comes to making portraits using only paper and pencil. We all know hard work beats talent; but if it’s a combination of both, then there’s nothing you can’t achieve. That’s precisely the case of Eli, a talented and hardworking artist. But unfortunately, he comes from a region where people aren’t given much of a chance to prove themselves. So Eli used the power of social media to show the whole world just how much potential there is in the young generation.

After hours and hours of sheer hard work and the perfect use of skill, Eli created a hyperrealistic pencil portrait of Kevin Hart. The portrait is so real that it’s hard to believe it’s not a photograph. Hoping his artwork would reach his all-time-favourite stand-up comedian, Eli shared it on Twitter and urged people to retweet it as much as they can. And guess what? He wasn’t disappointed. Scroll on below and see just how far his talent and hard work has taken him!

Twitter| Eli Waduba Yusuf

Here’s what Waduba tweeted.

Though the expectation was much different, it wasn’t long before it reached Kevin Hart.

Not only did Kevin appreciate the work he also made an offer to purchase it, giving Eli a headstart in his new career!

Soon after getting attention from his idol, Eli started posting more of his work.

People quickly noticed and recognised Eli and fell in love with the realistic sketches and portraits!

“Isn’t God amazing??” he wrote. “I just joined Twitter a day before yesterday, and my work just went viral, my phone can’t stop buzzing.”

As you can imagine, Eli’s work made him quite famous!

And soon people started sharing their thoughts over it.




While some praised him, others congratulated him for his new found fame and success.




Only a small gesture really can change someone’s whole life!




Kevin Hart actually did make a difference!




All the best to Eli!




What do you guys think of his skills? Let us know in the comments below.

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