Kenny the dog appreciates this awkward gift while trying to make the most of it.

Presents are to be cherished.

They are wonderful gestures of beautiful emotions. Most people put a lot of thought into giving gifts but still there can be some instances when you get a present which is not what you hoped for.

A Twitter user @paetonmathes shared a post where her mom got a new dog bed for the family dog Kenny, only not the right size. The dog bed was far smaller than Kenny’s pretty ass. Nevertheless, Kenny showed immense gratitude for the present by trying to make the most of it.

The dog posed in awkward positions for the camera just to show how much he appreciates the “awesome gift.” The Twitterverse showed their immense love for Kenny’s cute efforts. The Tweet featuring Kenny has already got thousands of re-tweets already.

Looks like he is the king of the world.

It’s actually a comfy belly warmer.

He is so in love with his new gift.

People are in love with Kenny’s cute gestures.


Kenny has shown lots of empathy. He has shown us that it is important to cherish the beauty of the emotions behind the thought, not the gift itself.

Now in case, we get a crappy gift from a loved one we can always remember Kenny’s example and feel special about the love we have got. Try not to be materialistic.

What do you think about Kenny’s appreciation for his new dog bed? Have you ever encountered the same situation? Share your thoughts and wisdom in the comments below.

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