10+ Posts About Keanu Reeves That Prove That He Is Too Pure For This World

Keanu Reeves is a national treasure.

Everyone knows of him. Matrix was a revolutionary movie, and if you didn’t see him in that, then maybe you remember him from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. Or maybe the more recent John Wick. Either way, Keanu Reeves is a familiar face to almost all of us.

But have you stopped to consider that maybe Keanu Reeves is as pure and precious off camera as he is on camera? There’s this twitter account called @KeanuThings that posts pictures of the famed actor doing, well, things. And it’s everything I didn’t know I wanted.

#1 Staying hydrated.

#2 Using a payphone.

#3 1987 vs 2018

#4 Encouraging healthy eating.

#5 Posing for pics with fans.

#6 Taking a nap in the grass.

#7 Eating lunch and falling into food coma.

#8 In a bathtub in the middle of nowhere.

#9 Riding his motorcycle shirtless.

#10 Lounging on a chair in the middle of the street.

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