Karen Mistakes Guy For Store Employee, Goes Crazy As He Answered Her Questions Honestly

She clearly wasn’t expecting this.

Whether you realize it or not. Karen’s usually don’t expect quick comebacks when they are insulting someone. They expect the other person to just put their head down and listen to the rude remarks thrown at them. Especially if they are an employee at any sort of place.

People like these love to think they are better than everybody else. Well, she wasn’t going to think that for long. Since she got what she deserved quite quickly. Right after she mistook a customer for an employee. I am sure many of us have been mistaken for an employee but this particular person had an ace up his sleeve.

Scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Reddit

Get ready for a wild ride.

We should all live by this motto.

This is just good life advice for dealing with people in general. –blankblank

However, this interaction was pretty perfect.

And that is when he knew she was gunning for him now.

Okay, I am using that one.

I wish I was awesome enough to do this. But honestly I’d most likely screech like a pterodactyl instead. –Archangel

This guy knew exactly what to say and when to say it.

DB: Where do you keep your eyelash curlers?

Me: I don’t keep them anywhere.

DB: Yes, you do. I’ve seen them before.

Me: I’m certain I don’t. I’ve never owned any. My eyelashes manage to bend all on their own. I’m more than happy with the bendiness of my eyelashes.

The perfect comeback if I’ve ever seen one. Honestly, this guy is quite the quick thinker.

For all of you wondering what face she was making.

The next time someone calls me stupid, I am going to say this.

I am very tired of the calling rude women Karen. Thank you for Douchebaguette. It’s as satisfying as douchecanoe. Great story. I hope to maintain that level of poise if in a similar situation someday. –lime_coconut

I feel like she is getting angrier by the moment.

That is a great hypothetical scenario.

Now, she is just acting like a petulant child.

And from my experience, if someone acts like a child, treat them like one as well.

I am surprised this lady hasn’t figured it out yet.

I think she is starting to realize what is happening here.

However, that didn’t make her any calmer.

So it’s okay to shout at an employee?

Honestly, people like these need to learn how to be better.

He got his birthday candles and got to have a little fun.

That would have been awesome although she clearly would have blown up with anger at that point.

This one time was perfect and this is all we need.

For those who didn’t read the whole story.

Reddit users had their own opinions on the interaction between these two. All in all most people loved it and wished they could have been there.

I was getting some mad hatter vibes there.

Thank gosh I don’t like stealing.

Maybe the time to get a new comeback then.

People like these can’t admit that they were in the wrong.

I don’t think she deserved any credit, to be honest.

What are your thoughts on this whole interaction? Do you think the guy was a bit too harsh on the unsuspecting woman or did she get what she deserved? Comment down below and let us know.

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