Khloé Kardashian Responds To Backlash Over Kim Sharing Her Most NSFW Pic And We’re Here For It.

Kardashian’s surely knows how to stay in the spotlight, and this time, Kim Kardashian came up with an extremely bold picture.

Being all confident, Kim shared it with her fans, but as expected, the people couldn’t take it, and she earned a lot of backlash from her fans and the people. However, the only true fan that remained by her side was her sister, Khloé. She defended and tackled the people brilliantly on Twitter.

Here’s what she Tweeted.

Now you must be wondering, what exactly Khloé is referring to? Her sister, Kim Kardashian posted few sexy pictures on Instagram and Twitter, and her intentions were to show-off her new hairstyle which is known as cornrows (Fulani braids) and that landed her into trouble because people started accusing Kim of cultural appropriation.

However, keeping aside the braids, she’s not even wearing much as you can see. It’s just a white thong along with a see-through shirt.

The pictures were taken during a shoot with Marcus Hyde.


In this picture, she’s not even wearing any shirt, leaving her nipples exposed but they still decided to blur them. Really? People can imagine bodies with clothes on, and this is just hilarious to blur it slightly.

But despite what anybody says, Khloé took a stand for her sister and decided to go against the world. So she went ahead and posted a second Tweet.
Here’s what she had to say.

From what we’ve figured out, one of the clap backs that she mentioned was definitely for Lindsay Lohan, since she criticized her sister’s braids. While the other one was for all the haters.

You can see for yourself, haters.

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