Kanye West Admits He Didn’t Know What A ‘Conservative’ Was Before Declaring Himself One

Kanye West recently uploaded a picture on twitter that has taken the internet by storm.

It’s always better to stay quiet than to say something you don’t know much about. And you will most likely agree with this statement once you get to know what actually happened.

In the uploaded picture Kanye West can be clearly seen wearing a hat that says “MAGA.” If you don’t already know what that means it refers to Trump’s Let’s “Make America Great Again.” A person showing the white supremacy hand gesture is also seen in the picture and let’s not forget how Kanye called Trump his “brother.” This has made people all over the world furious.

Exactly how and in what sense, you ask? Scroll down and see for yourself!

This is the original tweet by Kanye West.


However, that’s not all. The situation got much worse after Trump tweeted and acknowledged Kanye by “thanking” him.

This caused Chaos everywhere as people were shocked to see their favorite rapper siding with someone who considers some members of neo-nazi and the KKK as “very fine people.”

This is how some people reacted.

However, things took an interesting turn when Kanye confessed after his initial tweet that he doesn’t know enough about the conservatives to be calling himself one.

And upon this, some people decided to enlighten him.


The Liberals and Leftists also played their part and explained more by presenting Kanye some authentic facts. Also, they made him realize how his inappropriate tweet reached everywhere cus of his huge fan following.


This tweet is hilarious.

This twitter user indeed has a very good point.

What do you think about this entire situation? How can this be justified? And what should be done next? Comment below and share your views with us. Peace!

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