Kanye Got Kim The Perfect Gift For Christmas That Will Just Make You More Jealous Of Her

What do you get Kim Kardashian?

I mean, she already has everything in the world literally. From a gorgeous butt to immense wealth, she must be really hard to buy gifts for. At least that is what you must think.

You might think that she would like sweet personal gifts since she already has all the wealth she would ever need. Turns out her Husband knows the way to her heart.

And yes, you guessed it; it’s more money. Well, color me shocked!

No amount of money is ever enough apparently.


Kanye, her husband, bought her hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stocks in the Walt Disney Company, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and Adidas. Anyone feeling jealous yet?

She also shared the picture with the caption “best husband alert!”

Kanye apparently bought her over $200,000 worth of stocks in total according to People. While it may seem like such a boring gift and that no actual thought went into it.

However, it turns out rich people like cold hard cash rather than something sweet. (Especially the Kardashians.)

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