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Just 24 Really Funny Tweets About The Health Care Bill Withdrawal

Just 24 Really Funny Tweets About The Health Care Bill Withdrawal

For the President who once said that the American people would win so much under his lead, they would just bored of winning, having to admit defeat over once of his biggest promises must be very humiliating. On the 24th March, Donald Trump’s ego suffered a massive blow when he was forced to withdraw his healthcare bill after it became obvious it would fail to gain enough support to pass in Congress, not getting the minimum requirement of 215 votes. It was a disaster for him, a disaster for the Republicans… and Twitter was absolutely loving it.

People across America were rejoicing over the failure to dismantle Obamacare and some managed to hilariously rub it in Donald Trump’s round orange face. Here is a list of some of the best ones for you to enjoy. Who knows, maybe one day he’ll actually get to pass something…

#1. The Speaker will need to let off some steam after that defeat…

Twitter @shutupmikeginn

#2. Everyone’s surprise when a bill only 17% of the American public supported didn’t get through.

Twitter @HouseofCards

#3. He does seem to be on a roll right now

Twitter @hbryant42

#4. Somebody should be feeling quite smug right now…

Twitter @thedillon1

#5. She should be too.

Twitter @heavenrants

#6. I bet this was his actual face when he realised what was happening.

Twitter @darth

#7. I felt this burn from all the way across the Atlantic.

Twitter: @DoHoBOB

#8. Yeah, I’m sure you will Republicans. I’m sure you will.

Twitter: @joshgondelman

#9. Let’s just wait for this level of back-tracking.

Twitter @anthelonious

#10. Even this Senator from New Jersey couldn’t resist throwing a punch or two.

Twitter: @SenatorMenendez

#11. And of course, this meme had to come out.

Twitter: @bobby2tha


#12. Here it is again, with Paul Ryan trying to put a cheery look on things.

Twitter: @_space_plans

#13. And here it is again.

Twitter: @bendimiero

#14. And again.

Twitter: @Travon

#15. It really just keeps getting better.

Twitter: @Hesiod2k11

#16. Maybe Trump did get something right though.

Twitter: @goldengateblond

#17. Every Republican after the bill was pulled.

Twitter @BrettSVergara

#18. That is the best part.

Twitter: @margarita

#19. This is what this event should be called many years from now.

Twitter: @anamariecox

#20. Best and most appropriate use of this ever.

Twitter @KamalaHarris

#21. The pain on his face mirrors only the burn of the caption.

Twitter: @TheDweck

#22. This tweet shows just who the real winners are.

Twitter: @KenJennings

#23. That is what it basically became.

Twitter: @aedwardslevy

#24. Maybe next time he needs to try and get a bigger truck.

Twitter: @morninggloria
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