Jon Sow and Ygritte Just Got Engaged And We Are Unable To Handle The Cuteness

Game Of Thrones: What can you even say about it?

Everyone who is anyone is talking about the show. Even people who haven’t seen the show are talking about it. Then, there are the hardcore fans who have all the books, seasons and merchandise decorated in their Game Of Thrones inspired rooms.

I don’t blame anyone though, as it is an awesome show. I mean, come on! Dragons make everything better. Anyway, moving on from my gushing about the show, You might not have known that Jon Snow and Ygritte just got engaged. However, that could have only happened if you don’t use the Internet at all or are an alien.

However, if you are a Game Of Thrones fan, you know that Ygritte is the only bad-ass wilding who can say “You Know Nothing Jon Snow.” and get away with it. (Spoiler Alert) I am also sure that all of us were crying in the pillow when she died.


Coincidently though, they were dating in real life too. Shocking, right? Things might have been going smooth as Kit Harington proposed to her in quite a romantic way, if I say so myself.

The proposal was pretty intimate as Kit cooked a beautiful dinner with candles and the whole nine yards. He proposed at the end of the evening. How Adorable. 


To Top It All Off, She Is Also Moving In.

I’ve moved in with my best friend, Rose. So, I’m very, very happy and it’s going well. She has all sorts of ideas for the house. I said to her, because she moved into my house, ‘Look, darling, this is important that it’s our space, that it feels like our space, that you haven’t just moved into mine. Move anything you want around—change anything, chuck anything out. I went to the shops and I came back and said, ‘What did you decide?’ And she said, ‘We’re moving the kitchen downstairs.’

Well, we at Rearfront congratulate them and wish them a happy life. What did you think of the news? Were you shocked or did you have an inkling already?

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