After Jon Snow’s Not So Iconic Intro By Ser Davos Game of Thrones Fans Came Up With 18 New Names For Him And They’re Hilarious

The climactic meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally happened

And while there was tension and drama between them, it was mostly overshadowed by how they were introduced to each other. While Daenerys has a billion and one titles behind her name, Jon Snow is just… Well, Jon Snow. To make sure he’s not left behind, fans of the show decided to give him some nicknames of their own and it is just hilarious. Iconic even.

#1 Jon Snow

#2 First of His Name

#3 First of the Snow Kings

#4 King in the North

#5 Slayer of Others/Wights/The Dead

#6 Protector of Freefolk

#7 Defender of the Wall

#8 Commander of Giants

#9 Born of Ice and Fire

#10 The White Wolf

#11 Knower of Nothing

#12 Master of Lord’s Kiss

#13 Swapper of Babies

#14 Hanger of Olly

#15 He-Who-Does-Not-Kneel

#16 The Sword In The Darkness

#17 Chosen by the Old Gods and the New

#18 The Resurrected/Undead/Reborn

And while only some of them are funny, all of them are epic.

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