22 Jokes You’ll Only Find Funny If You Have A Weird Sense Of Humour

Do you think your sense of humour is a bit on the funny side (Hey I know it’s poor but I’m trying here)? Do you make jokes that nobody else seems to get? Do you laugh at things that other people find ridiculous or just plain strange? Well, if you do then you’ve come to the right place as this list is made up of things that you just can’t explain laughing at. All of these jokes are completely and wondrously bonkers and we invite you to take a quick scroll through them all, just to see how many do make you laugh.

Still have no idea why these are meant to be comical? You may be in the wrong post…

#1. You do have to watch those things…

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#2. Well, as long as they are happy.

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#3. Her milkshake is probably better than yours.

Twitter @drewjanda

#4. Why would that even be an option?

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#5. Imagine seeing a flock of these…

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#6. This is why we have the Internet really.

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#7. This one genuinely made me snort.

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#8. This fish sounds like it has a cooler crib than me…

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#9. Follow your dreams kid, follow your dreams. 

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#10. It was him all along!

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#11. I just love how confused even the cat looks.

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#12. Does anyone expect anything different from Adam Sandler?

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#13. I see what you did there… and I’m waiting for the backlash.

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#14. So that’s what happened to all the bees!

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#15. You can just feel his eyes on you…

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#16. I can’t, I just…can’t.

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#17. This is why you bring distractions or else you think too hard.


#18. That statement has never been truer.

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#19. “We just need to talk Sharon…”

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#20. You would hate that bird too Karen.

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#21. I don’t know how they do it…

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#22. Somebody maybe needs glasses.

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