10+ Hilarious Jokes About Patriarchy That Every Feminist Will Find Funny

Patriarchy and feminism? What a joke!

It’s one thing when men dominate the world, and it’s another one when females want empowerment. What many men don’t like to admit, or maybe even don’t know, is that feminism can harm their patriarchy.

We could start a debate on how women have been trained to live in a patriarchal society(which, by the way, is totally against them). They sure have emerged brighter than before. Be it the right to vote, legalizing abortion or the right to work, women have made things work for themselves.

All this serious stuff put aside; we have some utterly amusing posts where these feminists have smashed the patriarchy, and these will leave you in hysterics.

1. Items every woman should own.

2. Does no one know how to draw a woman?


3. Sorry, not sorry.

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4. Why should women be the ones to cover every other thing?


5. The look on their faces!


6. Don’t you want to be near food?


7. And yet, somehow, we’re still thankful for it.


8. So cool!


9. What do you think women are?

10. Talk about being aggressive.

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