10+ Jokes About The Friend Zone That Every Women Can Relate To

The friend zone is a hard, hard place.

After all, it’s the mythical place where all people who are not current boyfriend/girlfriend go to. Turns out, even if you are in the friend zone, it isn’t applied that she/he wants to be your friend. Surprising, right?

Well, today you’ll learn a lot of surprising facts in the form of jokes. Because what better way to break it to you that the girl/guy you are ‘friends’ with doesn’t really want to be your friend and is only being polite. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Who wouldn’t?

#2 She’s got her priorities straight.

#3 That sounds like a dangerous place.

#4 Everyone has been there.

#5 The definition of friend zone.

#6 Thankfully we try to spare their feelings.

#7 The mathematical equation of the friend zone.

#8 Because being a good person equates to that, right?

#9 Too long for my taste.

#10 Yes, yes you are.

#11 Ah, I don’t have to.

#12 That is good advice!

#13 This woman said it!

#14 Yay!?

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