10 Hilarious Responses To Jimmy Fallon’s #hadtodoit Hashtag Challenge

Jimmy Fallon’s has reached new heights on Twitter.

And all the Twitter users are here for it. I am sure you already know about the countless hashtag challenges that Jimmy Fallon’s has started. Today, we have another amazing #hadtodoit challenge.

It might not seem like the best challenge but trust me, you will change your mind when you take a look at some of the hilarious responses below. While we couldn’t show you every response, we chose the best responses in our humble opinion.

So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Twitter

#10 While I don’t condone violence, a slap in the face with a hot-dog doesn’t count.

#9 Yah dad take that!

#8 Nice cover up, I might use that next time.

#7 15 minutes? Are all the mops really all that different from each other?

#6 Who reads science notes for leisure!?

#5 To be honest, I would have done the same.

#4 So this is his punishment then?

#3 You sir are a very good friend. I applaud you.

#2 Is he like 3 or something?

#1 Same, I can totally relate to this decision.

And another that didn’t make the cut since it is not considered hilarious, so go on and enjoy this remix.


You can also take a look as to what responses were Jimmy Fallon’s favorites.

Comment on below and let us know as to which one of these were your favorite.

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