This Jesus Lookalike Hilariously Trolls Anti-Gay Protesters And Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing

People need to stop using religion to justify hatred.

We already know most homophobes use Christianity as a reason to bash the LGBTQ community. And it was time someone put them in their place.

On Thursday, July 20th, a Jesus lookalike decided to pay an anti-LGBTQ rally a visit, and it was absolutely hilarious.

He stood in front of a banner that said, “Homosexuality is sin! Return to Jesus!” and held a sign of his own in his defence.

Check it out:


You can not deny the resemblance. The creativity of the guy needs appreciation too! Look at his costume!

People on twitter immediately fell in love with him.



Some brought up their own favourite photos.


Some decided to be sarcastic about it.

The parade was in Seoul, South Korea, where the legend showed up with his sign.



We are glad that this man got the support he deserves. Jesus loves everyone. Spread love, not hate.


H/T – TwitterLogo

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