Black Model’s Hair Sparked Up A Huge Debate On The Internet And Everyone Is Losing Their Mind

Madewell is a popular brand known for its classic vintage jeans and Cool Girl aesthetics. Natural beauty, without any makeup, and hair just the way you woke up.

Madewell / Via madewell.com

A particular hairstyle got the attention of a lot of people and stirred a major beauty debate. People are divided on whether its part of brand’s signature carefree aesthetic or a job poorly done for the photoshoot.

Madewell / Via madewell.com

Just to be clear, it’s not about the model people are talking about, she is absolutely stunning, it’s her hairstyle that sparked the debate.

Some are saying that they did not put any particular effort into her hairstyle.

Specifically, they are blaming the company for not hiring a professional hair stylist who could have taken care of the model’s texture at the photoshoot.

@itskatdarling / Via Twitter: @itskatdarling

Some of them are saying that it’s not the first time a fashion brand has completely ignored to give proper attention to a black model’s hairstyling.


@fr3nchrayne / Via Twitter: @fr3nchrayne

To make their case strong they included examples from brands like ASOS, Fame and Partners, and Madewell’s big sister brand J. Crew.

ASOS / Via Twitter: @Tantalaliscious, Fame and Partners / Via Twitter: @oumoubinetou, J Crew / Via Twitter: @TakingU2Court

On the other hand, some people admired the beauty of the model’s hair locks. They regarded it as a symbol of confidence.

@champagnegina / Via Twitter: @champagnegina

People said that it was unfair to hold a black woman looks to unfair standards.

@sidewalksrih / Via Twitter: @sidewalksrih

This debate went viral and made its way back to the model under discussion. Her name is Marihenny and she chipped in her response on The Shade Room.

@theshaderoom / Via instagram.com

At last J.Crew made its move and Tweeted an apology for the controversial styling of its model and the unintended offense it caused.

@jcrew / Via Twitter: @jcrew

What do you think about this viral debate?  Is it actually a case of unfair standards for black models or its just backlash ridiculous and her hair looks just fine?

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