Artist Tells 15+ Of The Most Jaw-Dropping Truths You Wish Someone Would Have Told You Earlier

Alex Noriega is an illustrator that had a hard time with life and work back in 2010.

“I wanted to put on paper all that I had learned in life as simple as possible and try to see if what was happening around me made any sense,” he said. Even though it didn’t help him make sense of things, he did get really interesting illustrations out of it.

Alex’s experience helped a lot of others, though. His blog is named Stuff No One Told Me, and you should totally check out some of them:

More info: SNOTM

#1 Success has different forms.


#2 Maybe none of us know what we’re really doing.


#3 Except maybe my dad.


#4 Those doodles mean something.


#5 It’s okay to be afraid.


#6 Live in the moment.


#7 Face it.

#8 We are all like this.

#9 Your salary does not define your worth.

#10 Laugh about everything and anything. It helps.


#11 They’re not that innocent either.

#12 It is what’s on the inside that matters.

#13 No attachments.

#14 Hi.

#15 Relax.

#16 Don’t do it!!!


#17 Don’t overthink.

#18 Don’t follow things blindly.


#19 Sleeping is necessary.


#20 Be who you are and accept yourself.


#21 Oh…

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