10+ True And Jaw Dropping Medical Stories That Will Make You Think

Human bodies are quite weird.

I mean women can essentially become pregnant and develop a human life in their body! Now, I don’t know about you, but that is pretty weird in itself. Today, however, we are going to talk about even more strange things that the human bodies have done.

Some of these might strike you as funny while some of these will certainly shock you. From beer being brewed in a man’s body to dying from a hickey, we have it all. And no, I am not trying to undermine someone’s death.

But these stories will surely make you think hard and long about your own life.

#1 Human brewery.

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Now, this is quite interesting since a man essentially got drunk with only a sip of alcohol. You see, he wasn’t lying, he was actually unintentionally brewing beer in his gut. The 61-year-old man had yeast in his stomach because he had a history of home-brewing.

So when he ate starchy foods, the sugars converted into ethanol. Yes, he was living breathing human-brewery.

#2 A hickey.

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This is quite sad because a 17-year-old guy essentially died because of a hickey from his girlfriend. The hickey actually resulted in a blood clot which traveled to his brain causing a stroke.

#3 Garlic smell.

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This story is a mystery. On Feb. 19, 1994, Gloria Ramirez was hauled into the ER, and she was covered in an oil-like sheen, and a disgusting odor was coming from her mouth. Even her blood smelled weird.

Many of the staff members started feeling sick, and 5 of them even required hospitalization. Her death was ruled as a kidney failure, but we still don’t know the answer.

#4 Unhealthy diet.

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I am sure many of you know that President James A. Garfield was shot on July 2, 1881. The doctors believed that the bullet was in his intestines so they insisted that they should feed him through the rectum.

So he was fed a variety of unhealthy things and even drops of opiates through his rectum which resulted in his death.

#5 Dwarf giant.

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18-year-old Adam Rainer is the only person in history who was both a giant and a dwarf. You see at 18-year-old he was only 4 foot and 6 inches, but a tumor in his pituitary gland forced him to grow till he was 7 foot 2 inches.

By the time he died at the age of 51, he was 7 foot 8 inches.

#6 Worm.

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It all started when Dawn Becerra ate a pork taco while she was in Mexico. She soon started to have violent seizures which led her to seek help. The doctors realized that she had a parasitic worm in her brain.

Dawn had to have a 6-hour conscious surgery to remove it since the worm was in a sensitive part of her brain.

#7 Half-hanged.

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Ewen MacDonald was sentenced to death by hanging in Newcastle. All was normal as his body was brought in to be dissected and anatomized. That is until he just sat up and begged for his life.

The surgeon, however, grabbed a mallet and completed the job the rope couldn’t do.

#8 Twin fiasco.

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Holly Marie Adams had sex with identical twins Raymon and Richard Miller in 2003. She later became pregnant.

Holly actually thought Raymon was the father but, it turns out after a test that both of them had a 99% probability of being the child’s father.

#9 Hallucinatory psychosis.

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In 1984, a woman claimed that the voices in her head told her that there was a tumor in her brain. She was treated for hallucinatory psychosis, but the voices in her head continued.

So they did a brain scan, and as it turns out, she did have a tumor in the exact place the voices told her.

#10 Genetics.

Via Krisanapong Detraphiphat / Getty Images

In 2013, a 66-year-old Chinese man came to a doctor because of some abdominal pain. It was later revealed that even though he had a penis and a beard, he was actually a female.

The pain in his stomach was because he had an ovarian cyst.

#11 Soy sauce.

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A 19-year-old guy drank a quart of soy sauce on a dare. He immediately started convulsing so he was brought into the ER. He went into a three-day coma.

And when the doctors measured his sodium level, it was the highest level they had ever seen in an “adult who survived intoxication without lasting neurological problems.”

#12 The twins.

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In 1809, 45-year-old Jane Todd Crawford was told by two physicians that she had twins. However a third doctor, Dr. Ephraim McDowell realized that the ‘twin’ was actually a 22-pound ovarian tumor.

He offered to do an experimental surgery to remove the tumor, and it was a success. Crawford healed well and died at the age of 78.

#13 Tattoos.

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In 2012, an Iranian man decided to tattoo the sentence “good luck on your journeys” in Persian script on the side of his penis. He later noticed that his erections were lasting a lot longer. And then he went to the doctors when he saw that his erection wasn’t going away.

Doctors realized that the tattoo had damaged the vessels in the penis, causing non-ischemic priapism. After several treatments that didn’t help, the man gave up and decided to live with his permanently erect penis.

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