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These 11 Japanese Mythological Creatures With Weirdest Superpowers Are Surely Going To Freak You Out

These 11 Japanese Mythological Creatures With Weirdest Superpowers Are Surely Going To Freak You Out

These are going to send shivers down your spine.

Japanese culture can be pretty mind-numbing at times considering how the people there believe in stuff like supernatural creatures; beats, ghosts, monsters, witches, etc. Not just in the past but even in the present times, the stories of mythological creatures capture your mind and make you want to believe in them. Want to see some for yourself? They can make your skin crawl with fear.

No, I’m not exaggerating. Some of these creatures are kind of daunting. But some of these are quite harmless as well. Scroll down and check these weird mythological creatures out yourself.

1. Nyoijizai.

It is a spirit that has the superpower to scratch your back, right on the itchy spots where you just can’t reach them.

2. Betobeto-San.

It makes the sound “beto beto” with its wooden sandals and follows travelers through the night. While this creature is not dangerous at all, it’s natural for people to be frightened and alarmed. To get rid of Betobeto-San you just have to step and say “After you, Betobeto-San.”

3. Mokumokuren.

It is a ghost born from mistreated sliding paper doors. When the paper is filled with holes, they turn into eyeballs and they watch everyone who goes inside your house. It’s not that threatening it still scares the hell out of people.

4. Shichinin Misaki.

People who die in accidents turn into ghosts called Shichinin Misaki. Each spirit possesses and kills one human and goes to peace while the one who has been killed takes its place. This is the reason why Shichinin Misaki is always in a group of seven; they never increase or decrease in number.

5. Futakuchi Onna.

This is the “Two-mouthed woman” a normal mouth but also another one at the back of her head under her hair. Some believe that the second mouth is there to make her eat more while others believe that the woman lets her stepchild die of starvation and the vengeful spirit inhabits her body to exact revenge.

6. Imori.

These are the ghosts of the martyred warriors who transformed into geckos. They haunt the places where they lost their lives and attack and harass the trespassers.

7. Nekomata.

These cat-like monsters look upon humans with disrespect and are known to summon fireballs that start huge firestorms which takes many lives. They often control the dead with their evil powers, just as puppet-masters do. They use their powerful stature to blackmail or enslave humans into fulfilling their demands.

8. Keukegen.

Doesn’t it look just like an adorable cartoon character? Well, despite the way it looks, it’s not that friendly of a creature. They actually represent a cause of bad luck, plague or disease as they bring bad health to those nearby. It’s a good thing they stay away from humans due to their shy nature.

9. Bake-Kujira.

Looks like a humongous whale, doesn’t it? It is in fact; only it’s a skeleton whale. And it’s a ghost. Freaked out yet? They come out on rainy nights on the whaling coasts in Japanese villages scaring off the fishermen and cursing anyone who looks at it. Its curse brings plague, famine, fire and other disasters to the villages nearby.

10. Gashadokuro.

These are the spirits that are made from the collected bones of people who died of starvation or in battle become giant skeletons and are almost fifteen times taller than an average human being. They wander around midnight chopping people’s heads off and drink their blood.

11. Kami-Kiri.

Having a scissor-like beak and razor hands, it is considered a monster and looks like one too. As it is small, it can easily sneak through open windows and doors very quietly. Without alerting its victims, it sneaks up to them at night and cuts off their hands.

Creepy, right? Let us know what you think about these in the comments below. Happy nightmares!

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