A Japanese Artist Draws Mesmerizing Illustrations Showing What We All Feel But Can’t Describe

Words can’t always describe everything.

No matter how hard that is to admit for me, (Since I am a writer and all) but words can hardly encompass all the feelings we see and feel every day. However, most of the art can convey unique feelings that we have no words for.

And this Japanese artist does exactly that. They are honestly very talented, and most of these pictures will certainly be very relatable. You can check more of their work on his Twitter.

Source: Twitter

#1 The education gap.

#2 The daily routine.

#3 Internet happiness.

#4 Melting away.

#5 Too much information.

#6 Fading away with time.

#7 Locked heart.

#8 Invisible cage.

#9 Drained.

#10 Fragile humans.

#11 The cracks in your safe shell.

#12 Tired.

#13 Missing pieces.

#14 The eventual end.

#15 Broken wings.

#16 Orchestrating in silence.

#17 Living in the past.

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