Photographer Captures Powerful Photos Of Drunks In Japan, Shows The Nasty Side Of Alcohol

Usually, you are shown the fun side of alcohol. You see a confident person with a good sense of humour enjoying life with a bottle in hand. What this promotional content does not show you is the nasty side of this addiction. A British photographer, Lee Chapman, geared up to broaden the horizon of the wonderland and have captured the dark side of alcohol addiction. Lee caught horrific displays of alcohol affliction on the streets of Tokyo after a party.

Lee arrived in Tokyo back in 1998 and had stayed ever since in the beautiful city. Over the years, he got a chance to know and capture the different layers of the largest city and capital of Japan.

Alcohol addiction is by no means a Japan-specific problem. The pictures, however, are a chance for all of us to understand the gravity of the issue. It’s true that the solution to addictions like that is not simple. So, a representation like this by Lee can help us all for having a good reason not to experience this first hand.

Credits and more info: Lee Chapman | instagram (h/t)

1. You run out of fuel.

2. Not a healthy meeting.

3. You won’t enjoy a good relationship.

4. Not a comfortable sleep.

5. It’s hard to find your way back.

6. Not a positive influence.

7. Street nap.

8. You feel lost forever.

9. Feel empty like the bottle.

10. Get late for your work.

11. You certainly won’t want to loose control like that.

12. Getting high will cost you.

13. You find yourself in weird places.

14. It’s hard to remember who you are.

15. This doesn’t seem much like fun at all.

16. This is horrific.

17. Losing control can cost you a lot.

18. Vulnerable.

19. Can’t run a business like this.

20. This is really not living.

21. No one is going to help unless you help yourself.

22. This addiction will suck out the best in you.

23. Not a good place to fill in.

24. This concludes the horrors of this addiction.

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