Twitter Is Not Okay As Ivanka Trump Shared A Really Uncomfortable Photo Of Her Thanksgiving Decoration

Ivanka has some great decorating tips for you.

Well, at least that’s what she thinks. As you may have guessed, people don’t agree with the Trump family.ย Ever. So if you are looking for inspiration for decorating your house. You might wanna look elsewhere.

Because this is something she came up with. And I have no idea as to what it is or what it’s supposed to represent.

Problem definitely not solved.


People, however, had a lot of nasty things to say about her Thanksgiving table.

It’s beautiful. So symmetrical, so prisoney.

Makes sense.

This is how you solve a problem!

No ma’am indeed!

I’m not sure about that. The turkey still looks just as bad if not worse.

I’m just as confused as rest of the Internet.

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