Ivanka Trump Tweeted About The Solar Eclipse, Twitter Trolled Her Blind

The Solar Eclipse caused quite the stir on the Internet.

Everyone was posting about it, including Ivanka Trump. Her family apparently does not believe in climate change, but she did get to witness the solar eclipse straight from the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

She posted a Boomerang, flaunting her NASA solar eclipse glasses.


She also shared a picture of herself inside the National Air and Space Museum, watching the eclipse begin.


And on Sunday, she shared an illustration demonstrating how the Solar Eclipse works. Wow, guess she does believe in science then.


So, of course, the Internet had to address the irony in her posts.



Some threw shade at her.


There were comments on her glasses…


And people targeting her family’s racist views.


Some talked about her father, Donald Trump, who refused to wear Solar Eclipse glasses.


And she was “appreciated” for educating everyone.


Bless her.

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