Ivanka Trump Made A Hilarious Spelling Mistake And Becomes Butt Of Jokes On Internet, Again!

Majority of the American populace can barely speak English.

Those that can often talk with a lot of spelling errors and mistakes. Ivanka Trump, toted as probably the smartest person in the Trump family, recently made a spelling mistake on her Twitter, and subsequently, her Instagram, that has the internet in stitches.

It’s not like Ivanka is a bilingual that can speak English and French with fluency, which is one more language than 80% of the Americans can speak.

As such, her hold on English is… Questionable, to say the least. In fact, people have made an account following all the language mistakes the bilingual made.

And this was her brand new one.

People were already getting their pitchforks.

It only got worse when she made the same mistake on Instagram.

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Peak-a-boo! ♥️

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So it isn’t a mistake, she just doesn’t know she’s wrong.

Things just spiraled out of control.



Everyone had their go at Ivanka.



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