Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing At This Ironic Gift This Man Got From His Niece

Why not give a punny Christmas gift?

Yes, I know you could spend hundreds of dollars literally on an unnecessary, expensive gift, or you could go the easy route. Because let’s be honest, unless you know the other person very well, they are probably not going to get much use out of your ‘amazing’ gift.

So it is probably better that you give them something they will never forget for better or for worse, at least you’ll leave a lasting impression on them. That is exactly what the niece of @Mr_DrinksOnMe thought.

Yes, those are batteries.


Unsurprisingly, Twitter was all over it.

That is indeed very original.

Where is the award?

She is a boss alright!

Definitely her idea.

Some people even shared their own gag gifts.

This one might be favorite!

So what did you get for your family this holiday? Or were you in need of ideas? Because I am definitely going to steal some of these.

Share your thoughts below as to what you thought of the hilarious gift his niece got him.

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